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My Life in Pictures: Reflecting on Advent,

A moment before.  Breath held in anticipation.  Preparing to move, to leap, to fly.  Don’t tell the airplane it’s a toy and watch it take off. This picture was taken at the Hangar Hotel in Fredericksburg, TX last year at the Sidecar Soiree.   Advertisements

My Life in Pictures: Reflecting on Advent, Peace

This picture captures one of the best afternoons on my Rock Hall trip.  We were in Chicago and had taken a Lyft down to the Art Institute.  We came upon this beautiful shaded fountain and spent the afternoon watching the water and being with each other.  The sound of the water.  The sound of our … Continue reading

My Life in Pictures: Reflecting on Advent, Messenger

Divine Messengers show up in the bible as flashy angels.  Messengers show up in our lives in different ways.  In quieter ways most of the time.  Sometimes though, the world does provide us with trancendent messengers.  When I visted the Rock Hall this summer, I had the opportunity to sit with the spirit and memory … Continue reading

My Life in Pictures: Reflecting on Advent, Remember

So there I am scrolling through my pictures from this last year for this project when I see it.  Such a gut punch, just like the first time I saw it.  David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust jumpsuit.  And man, I immediately remembered. I remembered the shock of loosing David Bowie.  I remember how he influenced me, … Continue reading

My Life in Pictures: Reflecting on Advent, Longing

Sidecar Adventures and the Diva.  We’ve been friends since we were eleven years old. I love this woman.  I love her unashamedly, unabashedly and with no reservations.  The fact that she isn’t the person I married doesn’t lessen the validity of our relationship or our feelings for each other.  Love is love. I live in … Continue reading

My Life in Pictures: Reflecting on Advent, Star

What do stars do? They shine. They light our way. They guide. This picture is literally, stars spread out over my work surface as I put together favors for the yearly all women’s campout I attend. But there’s more to it. These women I made this for, they are my stars. Their realness and their … Continue reading

My Life in Pictures: Reflecting on Advent Day Two, Presence

My theme today is Precense.  This shot was taken at the Barber Motorcycle museum during our Hotter, Deeper, Stupider tour.  It’s a moment with Mr Man communing with the Captain America bike from Easy Rider.  It was a bittersweet moment that I wrote about here.  But why did I choose this for precense?  I was struck … Continue reading

Rockhallcation: The Trip Home

Well, I finally finished my last RockHall video.  I’m sad all over again that the trip is over.  This was the first trip I did a lot of video for and I really liked it.  I’m not sure how it would translate to a bike trip so we’ll have to see about that.  Anyway, here … Continue reading

Rockhallcation: Ozark Folk Center and the Shaped Note Singing Gathering

  As the last part of our RockHallCation, Diva and I went to Mountain View, AR to attend the Annual Shape Note Gathering held att he Ozark Folk Center State Park. Dame Diva drove up from Dallas for the weekend so she could also join in the singing. Both The Diva and Dame Diva grew … Continue reading

The Good, The Brake, and the Ugly

The Hotter, Deeper, Stupider Tour has one more story left to tell that didn’t make it into my original wrap up post.  It’s the story of my Sidecar Brake. When we were going out to Pigeon Forge, my brakes started really screaming at me.  Spyderman could hear them from his position behind me.  At a … Continue reading

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I'm just a Girl with a 1975 BMW R90/6 rigged to a 2006 Ural Retro Sidecar and a 2002 BMW 1150GS rigged to a DMC Sidecar. This is the story of my life on the road, in the garage, in my kitchen, my closet and, on occasion, in my makeup collection. I'm a Femme with a wrench, you have been warned.
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