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My Plan is Having No Plan: Or This Summer I’m Leaving my Comfort Zone at Home

Ah, a new year.  A new notebook to make new plans in.  I love making plans.  I love making lists.  I love organizing trips.  And January is the time to start planning summer trips. I try to take some sort of big trip every year.  Sometimes it’s a group thing, sometime it’s a me thing. … Continue reading

What I Plan to Do on My Summer Vacation

What I Hope to Do on My Summer Vacation By Sidecar Adventures This summer we have plans to do another big group trip that we are calling “The Hotter, Deeper, Stupider Tour”. The location this year is through the South and our players are: Sidecar Adventures, Mr. Man, Spyderman, Zippo, Union Jack, The Billy Goat … Continue reading

This is My Favorite Way to Travel

There is something very special about riding with your life partner.  I enjoy riding with other people as well but riding with him is extra special.  We work well as a team in our day to day life and those skills are heavily used and strengthened every time we go on the road together.   The … Continue reading

In Just Spring

in Just- spring when the world is mud- luscious the little lame baloonman whistles far and wee and eddieandbill come running from marbles and piracies and it’s spring when the world is puddle-wonderful the queer old baloonman whistles far and wee and bettyandisbel come dancing from hop-scotch and jump-rope and it’s spring and the goat-footed … Continue reading

It’s Not Failure, it’s Feedback

The countdown continues.  Just three more days to our epic multi-bike trip to Colorado that I am calling “Six Bikes and a Diva”.  My packing is done, only loading left to do.  Tomorrow Mr Man and I are heading to Zippo and Spyderman’s house to load Zippo’s bike and the truck. This is my third … Continue reading

Because Just Once Wasn’t Enough

Hello World!  I’m doing it again.  I’m going on another bikecation and I leave in about three weeks.  I loved Colorado so much last year that I’m going back there again but this time will be different.  This time….du, Du, DUMMMM……I’m taking friends. So two weeks in Colorado with  six bikes and a truck.  It’s … Continue reading

Hi, I’m leaving soon

So on the 6th of July I’m leaving for a two week solo trip to Colorado.  I’m super exciting and a bit nervous.  After all, it will be my first long trip alone.  I’m sure there will be many blog posts to come regarding my adventure but this one is mostly about my itinerary.  The … Continue reading

Like a Boy Scout

When I first started this blog, I intended it to be a travel blog.  Unfortunately since I don’t travel all the time, it doesn’t get updated as much as I would like.  So I think I’m changing my idea of this blog into a blog about motorcycles and traveling in general.  I’m really going to … Continue reading


Motorcycling has become a huge part of my life.  I’ve started changing my life around to make it easier to do what I want on the bike.  I’ve been in the gym trying to get my body prepared to ride.  I bought a newer larger bike better suited to long distance riding and for dual-sport … Continue reading

Who is Sidecar Adventures?

I'm just a Girl with a 1975 BMW R90/6 rigged to a 2006 Ural Retro Sidecar and a 2002 BMW 1150GS rigged to a DMC Sidecar. This is the story of my life on the road, in the garage, in my kitchen, my closet and, on occasion, in my makeup collection. I'm a Femme with a wrench, you have been warned.
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