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What’s Been Happening Lately 

What do you do when you fail?  And what defines failure?  I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.  I decided last year to publish a blog post a week and a few months ago, I hit a blogging wall.  There are several reasons for this that I’ll get into later, but the end result was … Continue reading

This is My Favorite Way to Travel

There is something very special about riding with your life partner.  I enjoy riding with other people as well but riding with him is extra special.  We work well as a team in our day to day life and those skills are heavily used and strengthened every time we go on the road together.   The … Continue reading

On Being Myself (or Let’s Talk About Self Identification)

Can we talk about something?  Let’s put down the maps and the spanner and stop the packing and talk about assumptions and identity?  I know, it’s kinda heavy and I’m sorry about that but it can’t all be oil changes and carving up miles around here. I don’t get something that seems to be intrinsic … Continue reading

The Nature of Adversity

I’m in Ouray and surprisingly I have Internet so the blog continues. I expected solo touring to have it’s own set of difficulties and it certainly has.  The loneliness that I had avoided set in last night and today I’ve been thinking about why and what it teaches me about myself.  Let me begin by … Continue reading

Who is Sidecar Adventures?

I'm just a Girl with a 1975 BMW R90/6 rigged to a 2006 Ural Retro Sidecar and a 2002 BMW 1150GS rigged to a DMC Sidecar. This is the story of my life on the road, in the garage, in my kitchen, my closet and, on occasion, in my makeup collection. I'm a Femme with a wrench, you have been warned.
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