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My Life in Pictures: Reflecting on Advent, Surprise

After my RockHallCation, Mr Man started his solo trip to Canada.  He made it to Oklahoma City and had a minor breakdown.  He needed a small inexpensive part and BMW Austin was the only dealership  that had it.  So, because I’m the best wife ever  I found myself driving a part to Oklahoma City.  There … Continue reading

A Day of  Rain and Pie

 I’m still sorting through video but have a little snippet of our typical day. 

Riding for my Life (Can’t Stop, Zombies are After Me)

I love to ride, I really do but I do like other things as well.  I like going to Renaissance Faires and I don’t always like doing it on a bike.  Ren faires require so much costume and then you have to dress off the back of your bike in a parking lot.  When you … Continue reading

My Brain is Scrambled Eggs

I missed updating after my first evening.  My computer was in the SAG wagon and by the time it got to Brownwood I was too tired to do anything but fall asleep. So welcome to Day Two of Six Bikes and a Diva.  Today was a long 300 mile day from Brownwood, TX to Littlefield, … Continue reading

The Nature of Adversity

I’m in Ouray and surprisingly I have Internet so the blog continues. I expected solo touring to have it’s own set of difficulties and it certainly has.  The loneliness that I had avoided set in last night and today I’ve been thinking about why and what it teaches me about myself.  Let me begin by … Continue reading

Who is Sidecar Adventures?

I'm just a Girl with a 1975 BMW R90/6 rigged to a 2006 Ural Retro Sidecar and a 2002 BMW 1150GS rigged to a DMC Sidecar. This is the story of my life on the road, in the garage, in my kitchen, my closet and, on occasion, in my makeup collection. I'm a Femme with a wrench, you have been warned.
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