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Because Just Once Wasn’t Enough

Hello World!  I’m doing it again.  I’m going on another bikecation and I leave in about three weeks.  I loved Colorado so much last year that I’m going back there again but this time will be different.  This time….du, Du, DUMMMM……I’m taking friends. So two weeks in Colorado with  six bikes and a truck.  It’s … Continue reading

Well, I’m Home

I’m home.  Wednesday I rode about 200 miles from Norman, OK to Mckinney, TX and Friday I rode 237 Miles from McKinney, TX to My Garage.  My total mileage? 2384 miles.  I really wanted to hit the 2400 mile mark but I think I’m close enough.  So here are my wrap up thoughts. I had … Continue reading

Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?

I’ve always been told that my sidecar handles more like an ATV than a motorcycle.  Today I got the chance to find that out for myself.  I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that they are mostly correct.  I remember thinking at one point in the ride that a sidecar is all the fun … Continue reading

The Nature of Adversity

I’m in Ouray and surprisingly I have Internet so the blog continues. I expected solo touring to have it’s own set of difficulties and it certainly has.  The loneliness that I had avoided set in last night and today I’ve been thinking about why and what it teaches me about myself.  Let me begin by … Continue reading

The Emercency You Plan for May be Your Own

Yesterday I did my second 300 mile day to Santa Fe.  Now I know that two 300 mile days is possible for me but I need a day to rest afterward.  Still, good to know. I got gas in Clovis, NM as planned.  My next gas stop was going to be in Santa Rosa, NM … Continue reading

Not Quite Day One

Today is more like day .5.  I left work and rode about 130 miles to Early.  This sets me up to make it to Littlefield tomorrow in under 300 miles. I don’t think this trip feels quite real to me yet.  Right now it’s all pack and load the bike and then ride in the … Continue reading

Hi, I’m leaving soon

So on the 6th of July I’m leaving for a two week solo trip to Colorado.  I’m super exciting and a bit nervous.  After all, it will be my first long trip alone.  I’m sure there will be many blog posts to come regarding my adventure but this one is mostly about my itinerary.  The … Continue reading

Who is Sidecar Adventures?

I'm just a Girl with a 1975 BMW R90/6 rigged to a 2006 Ural Retro Sidecar and a 2002 BMW 1150GS rigged to a DMC Sidecar. This is the story of my life on the road, in the garage, in my kitchen, my closet and, on occasion, in my makeup collection. I'm a Femme with a wrench, you have been warned.
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