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RockHallCation Part Two: The Rock Hall

Getting to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been on my list for some time.  Doing this with Diva made a whole lot of sense.  We love shit like this.  Of course, doing this with Mr. Man would have made sense too.  I thought of him the entire time I was there and wished he could see some of the great things I saw.  Although he is not best pleased with the Rock Hall at the moment.  He feels that Warren Zevon has been overlooked and should have been inducted by now.  I do see his point.

Diva and I are Beatles fanatics.  Deeply, madly, eternaly Beatles Fanatics.  We knew the Beatles display would be awesome and that we would get emotional.  We were right, and yet, we underestimated the impact the entire day would have on us.

Mother Maybelle Carter’s Guitar

My first personal gut punch came when I stumbled across Mother Maybelle Carter’s guitar.  Goosebumps ensued and I began to understand the level of OMG I was in for.

Then came the Ramones.  A guitar, a black leather jacket, a bass guitar and none of them kindly used.  I could almost smell the sweat through the glass.


We could see the Beatles display up ahead.  We looked at each other and said, “I’m not ready.  Let’s eat lunch first.”  We went back and forth about seeing the Beatles that day or the next day.  We decided to see the Legends of Rock display and then finish off with the Beatles.

The Legends of Rock was one of my favorite displays.  I saw ZZ Top’s furry drum set.  Aerosmith’s mic stand.  Slash’s top hat and converse.  Then I saw David Bowie’s stage outfits.  And I remembered that we lost him.  And I felt that loss all over again.  Unexpected.  Unlooked for.  And I missed him.  I never met him but he moved through my life challenging my views on beauty, on gender, on music.  And he would never do that again.  And it’s a loss.

And then we saw the Beatles.  And I saw their drumset.  And I cried.  Diva and I spent most of the display not looking at each and not speaking to each other.  Because if we did, we would completly loose our shit.  As it was, we both cried though the whole thing.  And we did manage to get our picture taken in front of the drums.  We took a bunch of pictures that neither of us were sure were in focus due to tears.  We left shaken, moved, and slightly high from emotion.

We went back the next day and I though it was going to be a fun and easy day.  It was for the most part except that the first thing we saw was an unexpected Johnny Cash exhibit.  They ran the video for “Hurt” continuously and had his black trenchcoat, his guitar, and his writing desk.  Yeah, I cried hard tears the whole time.  After that, it was lighthearted and fun and we saw great things and ate a good lunch and then we shopped.  Man did we shop.  I wish I had saved a little more because I could have done almost all my Christmas shopping at the gift store.

So my take away from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  You should go.  Just go.  Something there will move you, will make you smile, will make you cry.  Check out our experience below.






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