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What’s Been Happening Lately 


What do you do when you fail?  And what defines failure?  I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.  I decided last year to publish a blog post a week and a few months ago, I hit a blogging wall.  There are several reasons for this that I’ll get into later, but the end result was that the blog went silent while I thought things through.

I like the move towards a more polished and professional look that the blog has been taking but that takes more time.  So if I want to continue with that then I need to give myself enough time to do what I want.  After all my thinking I decided that I’m going to move to posting once a month and see how that goes.

Another thing I’ve been wanting to try is video blogging.  I finally took a deep breath and just did it.  You’ll find that below.  I hope you guys like it.  Let me know what you think but be gentle….it was my first time.

I don’t see me moving to primarily vlogging but I like having it in my tool box.  Some posts lend themselves to a vlog and some don’t.  So with that said,  enjoy the vlog.

And do I feel like I failed not keeping up a once a week schedule?  Not really.  I tried something new and it didn’t work.  The real failure would have been not trying at all.







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