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My Favorite Things


It’s been a while since I’ve done a round up of some of the things I’ve been enjoying on the internet.  I’m working on a post that is taking me longer to put together than I planned so I thought this was the perfect week to share some things with you.

First up, an article from Liz Jansen.  I’ve shared her stuff before, she’s got some good things so do check her out.  I found this article on things she learned from solo travel right after I got back from The Hotter, Deeper, Stupider Tour.  It really gave me the solo travel bug and I started planning a trip almost immediately.  Check it out here.

On a similar note is this article from Revzilla on Three Simple Rules for an Epic Motorcycle Tour.  Here’s a hint: Rule #1: There are no rules.  You’ll have to read the other two yourself.

I love hearing about other women who rode before me and paved the way for my own motorcycle riding.  I really love discovering women I’ve never hear of and thanks to Revzilla, I recently became aware of Elsbeth Beard.  See if you are as angry at Bike Magazine for their refusal to sponsor her as I was.

Finally, I have one more article from Revzilla on preparing to travel abroud.  I’ve never traveled outside the continental US but someday I would like to.  This article got me started thinking about things I will need to do that safely.  Because as the article says “the only law that always travels with you on vacation is the one from Murphy.”

That’s all I have today.  Coming up, hopefully next week, I tell one more story of the Bad Luck Fairy from our trip and how an easy brake job turned into Mr. Man and I saying “Oh shit” a lot.





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