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This is What a Perfect Weekend Looks Like

The other weekend Mr. Man and I had one of the most perfect weekends we’ve had in a while.  We were recovered from our last big enough to leave our house.  On Friday I looked at our calendar and realized we had no obligations.  So we played all weekend long.

Saturday morning we went out for breakfast and then proceeded to visit our favorite motorcycle shops and sit on bikes, something we haven’t done in way too long.  Neither of us are looking for another bike right now so it’s the perfect time to look at bikes.  Most Motorcycle shops are used to folks doing a lot of looking before they buy so having someone come in and sit on a lot of bikes is an ok thing to do.

We visited the Ducati dealership for the first time in a good long while.  Mr. Man has a real soft spot for Ducati but he’s always been concerned about maintenance cost.  He usually does his own maintenance but there are somethings on the bike only a dealer can do and it’s quite dear.   He puts more miles on his bike in a year than Ducati really plans for so he’d be getting expensive services done several times a year.  However, the service interval for the Ducati he was looking at seems to be long enough so that would be more affordable than it was a few years ago.  But a Ducati would never be a bike he would do all his own maintenance on and I think that will ultimately keep him off them.

We also visited our familiar BMW dealership.  More to visit with the guys over there  and share some trip stories than to look at bikes.  He did sit on a few bikes but he’s been rather frustrated with some of the newer BMWs.  The one bike he is looking at from BMW has decided to move to a tank that he thinks is too small for long distance trips.  Apparently, they wanted to lighten the bike.  They claim that the gas mileage is better but it’s still too small of a tank for his liking.  He did spend some time looking at and sitting on a Triumph he’s been eyeing.  I have to say, it may be a contender.

Later on in the afternoon we hit another dealer that was new to us.  AF1 Racing carries Vespa Scooters, Aprilias and Moto Guzzis.  We really loved the shop and the folks in it.  Mr. Man even found a Moto Guzzi that he really liked.  I liked it too.  He sat on it for a good 15 minutes so it’s a strong contender for The Next Bike.  And there is still that Triumph he likes so when he’s ready for a new bike, it’s nice to know that he may have some choices.  The rest of the day was filled with watching Superbike racing on TV and eating Pizza.

On Sunday  we decided to jump on the Pokemon Go bandwagon.  Mostly because Spyderman and Zippo were really enjoying it and having an excuse to run around town together sounded fun.  So after church I came home, downloaded the game and off we went.  It was great fun.  We ran around our little suburb a while then went into Austin a bit.  I got some good walking in and we got to hang out together.  I’m hoping we can do more of that soon.  Once the weather cools off a bit, I’m dying to figure out a way to play with him in my sidecar.  I think that would be great stupid fun.

So that’s about a perfect weekend.  We played with motorcycles without any pressure to buy anything.  I spent a morning at church and then went to random places with Mr. Man to play a silly game.  Mr Man got some good ideas about his next bike (in a few years).  About the only thing that could have made it better would have been one more day to play before the work week started.



One thought on “This is What a Perfect Weekend Looks Like

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend with a great combo of activities.


    Posted by turtlewords | August 17, 2016, 8:19 pm

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