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Hotter, Deeper, Stupider Tour, MBOI, Wrap up

Hotter, Deeper, Stupider: What We Learned on the Road

Well, The Hotter, Deeper, Stupider Tour is behind us.  It was possibly the most fun we’ve had on a big trip.  It was also the hardest trip we’ve done.  We picked up the Bad Luck Fairy and she proceeded to follow us around for most of the trip.  As we rode, I would ask everyone what we felt we had learned that day.  So this post is, in a way written by all of us.  Many of the pictures were taken by folks who are not me.  I’ll do my best to give credit for the photos.  Now, without further ado, I present to you:


confidence is the cocky feeling you have right before you know better. Photo credit: The Curvy Bavarian

1.  Bad Things Are Going to Happen.  Best To Get Them Over With Early

Two weeks before we left, over Memorial day, we all gathered at Spyderman and Zippo’s house for one last rider meeting and socializing. The Curvy Bavarian had a chance to ask us all a lot of questions and get a lot of information. Remember, it’s her first big road trip and she had lots of things she wanted to know. We also firmed up plans for our ride out to Palestine, TX that was happening Friday night after work. After several trips, we’ve learned that it works best if everyone rides out separately and we all meet up over breakfast Saturday morning for the official start of the trip. After all her questions were answered, she and her wife took off for their house.
Just a few moments after the Curvy Bavarian and Penelope Pitstop left we got a call from Penelope that the Curvy Bavarian had gone down about four blocks from the house. Mr. Man was out the door before I was off the phone and the rest of us were right behind him. It was her first crash and we had no idea how bad it was. Thankfully, it wasn’t that bad. A busted mirror seemed to be the worse damage her bike took. We got the bikes back to the house (an adventure in and of itself as Zippo rode an unfamiliar bike in shorts and a helmet) and she and her wife went to the hospital. She was alright. She had a banged up shoulder and some bruising. She would be fine but she wouldn’t be taking her bike on this trip. After a lot of talking and thinking, she decided she was coming anyway. She would split her time between the truck and my sidecar. And that’s what she did. And we were happy to have her a part of the group. Her earnest desire to help was a joyful addition to the trip. And for her, the worst had already happened. The rest of the trip was all up from there. The same couldn’t be said for the rest of us.

2.  Check the Bed Before You Do Anything

Our Bad Luck Fairy followed each couple around daily. The first night she struck the Billy Goat Gruff and Union Jack and stayed with them for a few days.



6 thoughts on “Hotter, Deeper, Stupider: What We Learned on the Road

  1. Great trip post! It’s hard to believe all that happened in one trip.


    Posted by turtlewords | July 5, 2016, 12:02 am
  2. What a wonderful trip. Yes, Dolly was a guardian angel. When Zippo and I left for Palestine, my music started with a Dolly Parton song. Can’t wait for the next.


    Posted by spydermansite | July 5, 2016, 2:41 am
  3. Thank you for sharing your trip with us, this is a great blog! I’ll join you in that sidecar any time! xoxoxoxoxo


    Posted by v. | July 17, 2016, 10:06 am

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