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What I Plan to Do on My Summer Vacation

What I Hope to Do on My Summer Vacation


Sidecar Adventures

This summer we have plans to do another big group trip that we are calling “The Hotter, Deeper, Stupider Tour”. The location this year is through the South and our players are: Sidecar Adventures, Mr. Man, Spyderman, Zippo, Union Jack, The Billy Goat Gruff, Curvy Bavarian, and Diva. Just typing that sounds crazy. Seven bikes and a truck….going through the South with predominantly LGBTQ riders….it’s going to be a very exciting summer.

The plan is to hit three major places: 1. Leeds, Alabama 2. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 3. Hot Springs, Arkansas. Leeds has the Barber Motorcycle Museum. Pigeon Forge has…well….Dollywood. And a ton of other touristy stuff to do as well as a ton of beautiful riding. Hot Springs has spas and food and more good riding.

The trip is under a month a way at this point. All our hotels are book and Mr Man has the route mostly planned. Maintenance on all the bikes seems to be mostly done. Laundry and packing begin next weekend.

I can’t wait. I’m also a little nervous. Every trip with this many people runs the risk of inter-personal and mechanical drama. But once again, we gather for an adventure. A ride. A new story unfolding before us.

For one of us, this is an especially momentous trip. This is The Curvy Bavarian’s first long road trip. I’m so excited for her. I think she’s a little nervous but I know a secret. We’ve all had that first big road trip. We’ve all stared down the beginning of two weeks on the road unsure if we could make it. Guess what? We all made it. Sometimes (most times) the trip was nothing like we anticipated or planned but we made it. And so will she. She has six other riders behind her supporting her. I have faith in her.

Now the only think left to do is to count down the days until we leave. Then we’ll run away from life for a while. Run away from work, bills, and the silly stress of everyday life. We’ll ride new roads. We’ll eat new food. We’ll make new stories together. I can’t wait to start.



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