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A Little Lost in Translation


Dear Sidecar Adventures (name changed to protect the guilty),
Thank you for your contact!
We surely will do custom boots and obviously we ship anywhere in the world.
To realize a pair tailor made we need to receive the size evaluation form, which are attached, carefully compiled.
If you could send us pictures of the foot would be ideal, perhaps with a description of the points that are important.
Waiting for your reply I sent to you my
Best regards
This email response began my adventure of finally getting riding boots that fit my problem feet.  A few weeks before this email happened, Mr. Man found a company in Italy called Vendramini that will indeed make custom motorcycle boots.  You can check them out here:    Just have Google translate at the ready.  So I looked over their site for a while and finally decided to contact them.  I wasn’t confident that they shipped to the US or that it would be affordable but I decided I could ask.  As you can see, they do ship to the US and the price on the two boots I was looking at were what I would expect to pay for motorcycle boots.  Along with the fantastically translated email, they sent their custom fit form so I printed it up and Mr. Man and I set about filling it out.  The boot I’m currently looking at is an Adventure Boot called the Tuareg.  I went back and forth between a Ladies Touring Boot and an Adventure Boot.  I decided to go with the Adventure Boot because the Tourmaster lace up boots I wear now are good for touring but I really don’t have a great boot for dual sport riding. The Adventure Boots from Vendramini will fill that gap and there is the possibility that they will very likely work for touring as well.  And as Mr. Man pointed out, next year I can always pick up the touring boot if I have a good experience buying the dual-sport boots.
On a side note, I’m happy to report that my measurements were the same for my left and my right leg.  That was exciting and new.  I’m used to one being significantly larger than the other.  With the form all filled out, I scanned it in and sent it back to Vendramini along with a note:
Please see the attached measurement form.  I am interested in the VJ429 TUAREG S.  Could you also send me the cost of the boot?  Will there be additional cost for having them custom made?
Thank you,
Sidecar Adventures
That was on a Thursday.  Monday morning I had my translated response waiting for me in my inbox:
Dear Sidecar Adventures,
Thank you for your request,
Looking your form answer I really suggest you to choice a VT486 VECTOR S, this is the web link to the standard style:
We could made it as custom fit pair; you can choice leather’s finishing, color and sole construction eventually.
The price increase over the standard price of 299€ are:
1. for a custom fit upper to adapt to your specific size 200€
2. Different finishing and color leather 60€
3. Stitched sole construction 120€ 
4. Different sole in standard glue construction,  for free
Differently we could made the style VJ429 TUAREG S too, but in this case the cost, (over the 275€ for the standard boots) would be the follow:
1. for a custom fit upper to adapt to your specific size 400€
2. Different finishing and color leather 60€
3. Stitched sole construction 120€ 
4. Different sole in standard glue construction,  for free
Waiting for your reply I remain to your disposal for any more info you may need.
I took a look at the boot they were suggesting.  It’s actually a straight up touring boot I had not looked at.

Despite the fact that it’s a more expensive boot, it is apparently cheaper to customize that the Tuareg.    As of the market at the time I was doing this, the Vector would cost me $556.84 and the Tuareg would cost me $753.25.  At this point, I am thinking I’ll go with the Vectors.  My next step will be a conversation with Mr. Man and then hopefully I’ll be emailing the nice folks at Vendramini to tell them to make me some boots.  Our goal is to have the boots in time for our Hill Country Ride over Labor Day Week.

After a conversation with Mr. Man where we both looked over the Vector S boot I decided that it was most likely the way to go.  It is shorter than the Tuareg and the soles look thinner.  I shot an email off to Italy asking them the height of the boot in the back and if a thicker sole like the one on the Tuareg could be put on the boot to help cut down on the vibration to the bottom of my feet.  Since it’s evening in Italy I had to wait until the next day for my answer.
While we waited, we looked over everything again.  Mr. Man discovered that the Tuareg boots I was looking at have a better armor rating than the Vector S boots.  So the Tuareg has more protection but the armor on the Vector S boots is also good…just not as good.  I often reach a point where I’ve been given too much information to successfully process.  This would be that point.  I had sent them another email  asking if the thicker Tuareg sole could be put on the Vector boot.  I got a very informative email this morning detailing all the stuff they could do with the sole….translated from Italian very likely by Google Translate.

Dear Sidecar Adventures,

Yes you can choice a different sole for the VT486 VECTOR S, We could fix a Touareg’s sole, or select the more high heel sole, between some supplier proposal.  For example the new Marathon Overland sole could be a very nice solution? And if you like we can put a middle sole more, for increase the total heel measure.  Waiting for your reply I remain to your disposal 

Best regards

Su Misura Customer Service

 My head hurts.  I just want boots that fit; I’m not used to being offered choices with motorcycle gear.  My choices usually are: does it fit yes or no.  If yes, I buy.  If no, I don’t.  Options????  Options are for Nail Polish and lipsticks.  Those options I can navigate without stress.  Motorcycle gear?  I’m not even equipped to know what I want much less what I need.  I took a big breath and sent another email asking the questions I should have been asking.  I told them I do Dual Sport riding.  I asked if the Vector S with a thicker sole would be adequate protection and support for that type of riding.  I told them I knew the Tuareg was more expensive to customize but I wanted to get the boot that was appropriate for the type of riding I do.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to get my answer but hopefully, I’ll have answers that will help me make a choice and order some boots.
The most frustrating thing about this whole process is that the information I see on the website is not the information I really want.  I want to know things like how tall are these boots?  These other boots expose more of the calf, why do they do that?  Is there a reason I want to do that?  Is there a reason I should be worried about that?  Why do some boots have Velcro closures and some have plastic fasteners.  Are some more appropriate for some types of riding?  What’s the best for me?  Why are these boots twice as expensive as those boots when they look the same?  Frankly right now, they all look the same.  My hope is that my last email has enough pointed questions that I can get the information I need.  I know what I need; I need someone to say, “Oh I see!  With your measurements and with the type of riding you do, I think THIS boot will be the best fit for you.”  That’s all I want.  Tell me that and I’ll buy them right now.  For now, I’m just waiting for the next email.
The next email came pretty quickly.


Dear Sidecar Adventures,

If you need the best protection for your dual sport activity, the VT498 MARATHON Overland is absolutely better comparison with TUAREG  or VECTOR. 

TUAREG  and VECTOR offer about the same protection, but Vector is more comfortable.

The MARATHON or the DESERT-ALP series are made for enduro, and they offer the best protection, with an excellent comfort.

Waiting for your reply I remain to your disposal 

Best regards

Su Misura Customer Service

So many choices! I had not looked at the Marathon but I knew it was their top of the line Dual Sport boot. It was also a lot more expensive. Mr. Man advised against them. The Marathon is a taller boot than the Tuareg and very stiff. He thought I might be frustrated with how tall and stiff it was, he was probably right. The thing is, I really had a strong visceral reaction to the Tuareg from the very beginning. I liked the way they looked and I liked how I thought they would make me feel while wearing them. Since any of the Vendramini boots would be a better option than the boots I was wearing now, it was really ok for me to pick a pair of boots based on looks alone. I took a deep breath and sent off my decision.

Thank you so much for all the information.  After looking at the boots and talking it over with my spouse, I want to go ahead and go with the Tuareg.  How do proceed as far as payment from this point.

Thank you

Sidecar Adventures

I got back all the details I needed.

Dear Sidecar Adventures,

OK, so we made a VJ429 TUAREG custom fit for you.

The cost are:

  • the standard boots is 275€
  • the custom fit service that cost 400€
  • The shipment cost 65€ 

the total price is 740€. Payment can be made in two way:

  • Making a transfer to our bank:
  • PayPal transfer 

Let me know if you like confirm the order

Best regards

Su Misura Customer Service

I then had the strange experience of sending off a lot of money via paypal. A few days later I had a confirmation and a request for a few more measurements.

Dear Sidecar Adventures,

Thank you for your order and payment, we receive the money.

I need only some last information :

A) a final measurement of your leg: the calf circumference at 25cm from the ground; measured standing with bare feet on the floor. Thank you! (If you could send me a photo of the measurement would be the best)

B) I also wonder if the circumference instep 27cm (10.63 inches question number .5) was taken barefoot or with socks?

C) that you usually bring some socks? thick or thin?

D) you want to put pants motorcycle internal or external to the leg of the boots?

Your custom fit TUAREG boots production start tomorrow 08 April; we usually need about 15 work days for a custom fit production.

This mean that we should be able to ship the boots in the date of 28 April, 2015.

If all is ok for you, I start! If you like I can sent to you by WhatsApp photo of the photos of various processing stages, my WhatsApp number is

At your complete disposal for any more info you may need, I send to you my 

Best Regards

Su Misura Customer Service

I received fairly regular updates via pictures of my boots being born.  Let me share some.

In about a month from my final email, I had my boots! I tore into the box and we immediately put them on my feet.



Boxes from Italy are always exciting!



My first reaction was to cry because they really fit my legs. I sat on the bike with them, I cooked dinner wearing them, and finally, a bit later I got the chance to ride with them. They are much more chunky than anything I had ridden in before so we had to adjust my shifter lever so I could get my toe in there.

So, now that is is all done how do I feel about my experience with Vendramini? It was a wonderful experience.  I can recommend this company without any reservations.  I’ll do a review of the actual boots at a later date.  For now let me just say that this company was the pinnacle of detail oriented customer service.  The sort of service you would expect from a company that is about to hand make boots to your own measurements.  For me, after years of not being able to buy boots that fit, the experience, and the boots are priceless.


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