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Review: Sidi Doha Boot

This is my review of the Sidi Doha boot.

Size: 38.  I am technically a 37 but often wear a 38 because of my high instep and edema.  The 38 fit me great length wise.  They don’t feel too long at all.  This boot comes in an amazing array of sizes.  They run from size 36 to a 48 so you are almost guaranteed to find your size

Width:  These are boxy shoes so I have no problem with the width.  I found that I really don’t want a liner and a riding sock with these boots.  The sock liner is really all I need so if you need a thick winter sock, the boot might not work for you if you have wide feet

Comfort on  bike:  I found this to be very comfortable on the bike.  It is excellent at cutting out vibration and the sole is rigid so it has great support on the peg

Comfort off bike:  Ouch!  The stiffness that makes this boot so great on the pegs makes it hard on my delicate feet off the bike.  It also makes me feel a bit like Frankenstein’s monster because the sole is so stiff.  I finally discovered that a pair of super cushy inserts from the Dr Scholl’s kiosk made these boots wearable off the bike but I still felt like Frankenstein’s monster and I wouldn’t want to do just a whole lot of standing in them.   They were also a little tight across the ball of my foot.

Durability:  My first pair lasted about a year.  They aren’t meant to be long distance touring boots and that’s how I wore them so YMMV.  The bulk of the shoe is suede but the vamp where the eyelets and laces were are made of mesh like a tennis shoe.  I got a tear in the mesh next to one of the eyelets.  Otherwise, my original boot is still fine.  I tug pretty hard on my laces because I need the compression so if you lace like a normal person I bet the shoes last you a good long time.

Protective features:  I would like the boot to go a little higher on my ankle although the lowness of the boot does give me excellent flexibility.  For long distance touring, I would rather have the support.  The toe bed is reinforced and there is a shift protector The heel is reinforced with a protective panel for the ankle ball.  The sole is wonderfully reinforced and stiff.  It is fantastic for standing on the peg.  The boot also has double stitching in high stress areas for added protection from having your seams rip open in case of a get off.

On my foot (the lace retainer was removed later)

Best used for:  I now use it for dual-sporting since I’ve found another boot I use for touring.  Of course, if  you can fit into a standard dual sport or dirt boot you will have far superior protection that what the Doha can give you.  The foot bed is all dirt but there is not enough armor for off-roading. But if you are like me and can’t fit into a normal dirt boot, then this boot is a great option.


Bottom line: Great durable little boot for short distance and light off-roading.  Heavy touring is probably asking a little too much of these boots.  There are other lace up options that work better for touring.

View from the side


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