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Day Two, Road Brain, Stream of Conscience

My Brain is Scrambled Eggs

I missed updating after my first evening.  My computer was in the SAG wagon and by the time it got to Brownwood I was too tired to do anything but fall asleep.

So welcome to Day Two of Six Bikes and a Diva.  Today was a long 300 mile day from Brownwood, TX to Littlefield, TX.  We were super blessed with the weather today, it wasn’t 5million degrees.  In fact, only the last 100 miles could be called hot.  Now, the last 100 miles were scorching hot but at least we didn’t have that all day.

I’ve been through this part of town a lot by this point and I was really hit today by something I’ve seen but not really noticed before.  When you leave Brownwood, you know you are in the foothills of the Hill Country.  There are slight rolling hillocks with limestone walls and short squat trees.  If there is grass it’s pretty green and the dirt is dark to light brown.  As you ride along, the hills suddenly disappear and it’s just flat.  Then just past Abilene, you get red dirt.  Suddenly.  Out of nowhere. Red Dirt.  All I can think of is welcome to the panhandle.  It’s just so sudden it almost takes your breath away.

Motorcycling can be like that.  You get to see the gradual or sudden changes in the world around you.  Tomorrow, we’ll get to experience what feels to me to be the Foothills of the Foothills of the Rockies and that will be very different from the flat red earth dusty plain that we are on now.

On an unrelated note, I got to drive past the gas station in Anton where Skylark’s transmission died.  I’m almost ready to stop there and take a picture….maybe next time.

There really isn’t much to recommend Littlefield except for the fact that it’s on the other side of Lubbock and just that much closer to Santa Fe.  I think the Diva and I are going to go into town and pick up some food for everyone in a bit.  There are no restaurants close to the hotel and we are tired. I’m really enjoying the company this trip although I’m worried.  It’s a little early in the trip for stupid hysterical humor and the fact that we were cracking each other up by playing silly straw tricks at lunch does not bode well for the state of our brains in a few days.  As much as I’m loving having my friends near me, I’m also loving the time that Mr Man and I have to quietly be with each other at the end of the ride.  I’m also going to enjoy some Diva time here in a bit.  Gotta have my Diva time.

Tomorrow is one more 300 mile day and then the fun starts.  Mr Man says we should have rain most of the way…so…yay. At least I have my Frogg Toggs.

I’ve just realized I’ve blogged about nothing at all for some time now.  While I could scrap this and start again, I thing I’ll leave it up as a testimony to how riding in the heat can cook my brain.  Next post will be from Santa Fe!



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