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Colorado, Trip Planning

Because Just Once Wasn’t Enough

Hello World!  I’m doing it again.  I’m going on another bikecation and I leave in about three weeks.  I loved Colorado so much last year that I’m going back there again but this time will be different.  This time….du, Du, DUMMMM……I’m taking friends.

So two weeks in Colorado with  six bikes and a truck.  It’s been like herding cats but I think we are all just about set to go.  In fact, Mr Man and myself are starting to pack bags tonight because we just can’t wait any longer.  So where am I going in Colorado?  It’s pretty similar to what I did last year.  We are going to spend two days riding in the heat to Santa Fe where we will spend a day recovering and buying anything we forgot.  From there it’s Pagosa Springs, Gunnison, Ouray for several days, Durango, Albuquerque, Clovis, Abilene, and home.  There will be mountain passes, beautiful scenery, cooler weather, and the chance for Mr Man and I to get in some off road time.

And who am I taking with me?  None other than the usual suspects.  You’ve met some of them previously but I’ll introduce everyone.  Up front on the BMW R1150R we have our lead, Mr. Man.  Next on the Kawasaki Concourse we have our resident fretter and tree seeking missile, Zippo.  With him is his partner on the CanAm Spyder, Spyderman.  Also with us this time around, on the Triumph Bonneville, is Union Jack.  With us is her partner, on the Star Cruiser, The Billy Goat Gruff. Last but not least, driving our support truck, is The Diva.

This is actually our first trip with a support truck and I’m not sure any of us really know what to do with it.  For us, it means more tools, bigger Jacks, a plug in cooler, and a larger first aid kit.  It also means that Zippo, who get very ill in the heat, has a respite from riding the first two days when temperatures are the hottest.  It also means I get to travel with my beloved Diva for two weeks.

So that’s the setting for our adventure this summer.  Now to start the packing process.  Tonight, it’s electronics and continuing to do laundry.



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