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Day One, Dual-Sport

Dear Jesus, Please Don’t Run Me off the Road Anymore

Today as I was riding to Junction with Mr Man in my sidecar I saw a billboard.  I can’t remember the quote exactly but it was basically “I love you and I’ll make sure you have everything you need .  I love you, Jesus”.  Wow, I thought, I like that.  It’s simple and sweet and not too preachy.  I smiled to myself and felt a moment of peace like Jesus was really smiling on me.  Then I looked at the road and saw that the car in front of me was stopped so they could turn.  “Jesus Christ!” I thought to myself, “Could you maybe not run me off the road with your message of love.  Love, Me.”  I may be going to hell a little for that one.

So yes, Junction, TX.  Here we are.  I’m surrounded by overweight older men on BMWs and sprightly older men on KTMs.  Some have their wives driving their support trucks.  Their wives are wearing make up.  I am not and I have my husband navigating for me in my sidecar.  I feel a little like a fish out of water, and a little bit like I’m right where I belong.  The dual sport community is decidedly white and male.  However, they share my gimlet eyed mistrust of the valve cover scraping turns that Mr Man loves so very much.  We spent the day hanging out in the parking lot looking at bikes.  Mine got a lot of attention.  At least until the second sidecar showed up, she had a dog.  That makes her considerably cooler than I am.  I’m OK with that, I don’t have to be the cool one.  I have run into a bit of sidecar prejudice.  I’ve had a few guys absolutely not believe that I could ride off road with the sidecar.  Again, fine with me.  I don’t require their acceptance.  I’m just here to ride.  I’ll prove the doubters wrong by out riding their asses across the James River.  After all, I have everything I need.  Jesus said so right before he ran me off the road.



One thought on “Dear Jesus, Please Don’t Run Me off the Road Anymore

  1. Got a great idea. Put on your sexiest make-up before doing the ride. It will make it so much sweeter when you out ride them. Be safe out there 🙂


    Posted by boyglenn | April 20, 2012, 4:11 am

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